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Capitol Technology University

Dianne O'Neill
Capitol Technology University


Phone: 301-369-2800

Capitol Technology University is a private, four year STEM institution located in Laurel, Maryland. For nearly 100 years, Capitol has provided career-focused education taught by industry professionals who center their curriculums around getting students hired in their area of choice.


With both undergraduate and graduate degrees offered in a variety of in-demand STEM fields, Capitol allows learners to begin their education for the first time, pick up where they left off, or return to school in order to advance their career.


One of Cap Tech’s crowning jewels is the highly popular, state-of-the-art construction and facilities management program that prepares students for lucrative careers in the field. With the ability to go all the way to the doctorate level in areas such as construction science and critical infrastructure, students can develop highly sought-after skill sets to maximize their earning potential.


Construction and facilities management courses (like all of the courses at Capitol) are taught by seasoned industry experts who instill the most relevant and invaluable knowledge in students; much of which is taken directly from their firsthand experience with the subjects they teach.


These majors, along with Capitol’s other fields of study, blend technological expertise with practicality in order to give students a well-rounded, hands-on, and career-oriented learning experience.