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Workplace Amenities Strategies, Research Report #36 e-file

A comprehensive report that covers amenities in the workplace and provides data on amenities offered food and refreshment, gathering and collaboration, fitness and recreation, work-life balance, commerce and information centers. Workplace Amenities Strategies also contains case studies of major organizations and illustrates how companies can use amenities to attract and retain employees, generate revenue, increase productivity, and how different amenities impact the workplace as well as which amenities are right for each work environment. A total of 848 facility managers completed an online survey about facility amenities, the results of which are detailed in this report. The data was collected from Feb. 7 through March 5, 2012. Sections include: Amenities Offered, Food and Refreshments, Gathering and Collaborations, Fitness and Recreation, Work-Life Balance, Commerce, Information Centers and Case Studies. E-file download.
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