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Facility Management Outsourcing: Current and Future Trends E-File

Facility Management Outsourcing: Current and Future Trends is the most in-depth research that IFMA has ever performed on the subject. This 10-month research consisted of an exhaustive literature review, interviews of global leaders, a study of the largest outsourcing companies, and a quantitative survey of over 1,100 IFMA members.

This benchmark study provides current information and industry forecasts for facility managers (FMs), property managers, outsourced service providers (OSPs), consultants and vendors in the FM industry.

 Some of the key findings of the study include:

  • FMs currently spend nearly 30% of their time working with outsourcing companies and expect this time commitment to increase
  • Due to complex and competitive markets, companies are seeking more specialized services that OSPs can provide
  • Both FMs and OSPs rated their experience of working together as positive to very positive, and they both agreed that technology integration is a top priority
  • A low percentage of FMs are involved in outsourcing contract negotiations and establishing performance expectations, but believe that it is very important
  • A low percentage of outsourcing contracts specify clear outcome performance measures and key-performance indicators
  • The state of current and future skilled labor is concerning because the majority of FMs are not actively pursuing succession planning. The FMs say that they can overcome any shortage by outsourcing. The majority of OSPs say they are just beginning their succession planning.
  • OSPs are much more positive about the future of outsourcing than FMs

 The study also includes outsourcing tools that could help organizations determine their best mix of in-house and outsourced services for optimal performance.

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