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Engaging Member Companies to Enhance the Value and Perceptions of IFMA Credentials: International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Facility Management Credentials

The purpose of this research was to quantify and better understand the impact and value of facility management (FM) credentials to the industry. In phase I of this research, an international study of FM professionals was conducted and documented that FM credentials are indeed of great value, with the average return-on-investment for IFMA credentialed professionals being 15:1.1 Phase II of this research expanded the scope to capture the value of IFMA credentials to organizations and employers of FMs. The study found that 70% of organizations rate IFMA credentialed employees as having statistically significantly higher performance in both overall performance and across IFMA’s 11 core competencies. Moreover, the study documented a 12% increase in employee performance for each $2,000 spent on IFMA Credentials by the organization for its employees. This shows that the average IFMA credential results in more than a 40% increase in employee performance. You are purchasing an e-file - not a print file. yet, once you purchase an efile, FM RBI research staff can send you a print file, if needed. Please contact with your request. Please include: name of customer, IFMA member ID number (if you are an IFMA member), date of purchase.

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