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Best Practice and Knowledge Transfer in Facility Management: A Pilot Study to Understand Current Trends and Gaps

As a leader in defining facility management (FM) best practice, the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) participated heavily in the ISO 41000 series standard development and has now conducted a detailed research project to identify how to develop best practices that lead to outstanding outcomes and good FM practice.  After interviewing leading FM service providers as well as successful FM’s, a thorough research analysis was made to determine best practices and good work methods.  The findings and the inclusion of Knowledge Transfer practices needed to incorporate best practice development into successful organizational practice is included in this report.

The report includes a two-page Executive Summary with ten key findings; an overview of Knowledge Transfer (KT) and its importance; appendix with full KT definition, explanation and references; as well as detailed sections on Defining and Developing Best Practice, Best Practice Implementation, and Barriers and Facilitators found. The implications of this research set a baseline of understanding current practices, provide new knowledge of incorporating KT processes for improvements and set a frame for further study of FM best practices and its applications into the future.

The report is based on 2018 data. This is a qualitative based research product. Should you want further information on what this study contains, please contact  All sales are final. 

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