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Knowledge Strategy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Knowledge Strategy?

Knowledge Strategy is a plan detailing how an organization will manage its content and knowledge for the benefit of the organization and its stakeholders. It refers to a multi-disciplined approach to achieving organizational objectives and strategies, both from a technology and internal efficiency standpoint.

What does an IFMA Knowledge Library content provider look like?

Knowledge Library content providers have at least five years’ experience in the industry in which they intend to provide content. The submission process is open to the public and is not exclusive to IFMA members. This individual is experienced in one or more of the 11 core competencies.

Why does IFMA need content providers, and how does the process work?

As the facility management thought leader, IFMA has curated a digital library intended to meet the educational needs of the facility management community. Additionally, the Knowledge Library provides a central location to access IFMA published content and archives.

The Knowledge Library is seeking content from industry professionals to ensure a robust catalog and continue providing valuable resources to the FM community

What is the content submission process?

Authors submit content for consideration through IFMA's submission platform. IFMA staff will then process your submission application and content for review by a Content Expert (CE). Incomplete applications will not be reviewed or considered.

What is content vetting and how does it affect my document?

Content vetting is the process of examining documents to determine whether they meet IFMA’s minimum standard of quality. Completion of this process will determine whether a piece of content will be published to IFMA’s Knowledge Library. Documents will be vetted against a matrix that sets standards for quality and relevance.

Once submitted, your document will be viewed by the appropriate Content Expert (CE) group based on competency. You will receive notification that your content has been accepted or denied. If the content piece is denied, you will receive additional notation addressing the specific areas of concern.

Am I allowed to resubmit my content if it is declined?

Yes, you may resubmit content for reconsideration. In many cases, the Knowledge Strategy team will try to work with the author to get the piece revised and published.

How long does the content publishing process take?

The entire process may take up to three months. The initial application and document submission should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete. You will receive a confirmation email that your application and content were successfully submitted. Once this process is complete, content is published based on the Knowledge Library Editorial Calendar

Is there a cost for content submission?

Currently, there is no cost for submitting content to the Knowledge Library.

What formats of content are currently accepted?

IFMA currently accepts audio, visual and text-based files including but not limited to: podcasts, webinars, research papers, articles and case studies.

If published, how long will my content remain active?

Your content will remain active in the Knowledge Library for the duration of its relevance. Content audits are done cyclically to reassess content needs and the validity of existing documents. During this time, all content will be reassessed to determine whether it meets the current quality and applicability standards set by IFMA.

Can I submit content if I am not an IFMA member?

Yes, the Knowledge Library submission process is open to professionals worldwide regardless of membership status with IFMA.

Am I allowed to submit content for consideration as an FM student?

Yes, students can submit “academic” content for consideration.

As an IFMA Content Expert, am I allowed to submit content for submission?

Yes, CEs are eligible to contribute content for submission in a competency that they are not currently volunteering for. Identifying information will be removed from all content pieces prior to being viewed by the CEs to ensure that content is solely critiqued on quality and applicability.

Am I allowed to provide content for more than one competency?

Yes, content submissions across competencies are accepted.

Who do I contact with questions ​or technical issues?

For all questions and concerns related to submitting content for consideration for publication in the Knowledge Library, please contact

For all other questions or technical support related to the Knowledge Library, please contact