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Knowledge Strategy

Evaluation Criteria

Value: The content is beneficial across the spectrum of FM students, professionals, affiliate professionals and the industry serving to support, advance and distinguish FM as a dynamic and specialized field.

Relevance: The content is relevant to FM students, professionals and affiliate professionals of the collective FM industry, presented in a manner that is germane in terms of time and current FM events, trends and topics.

Terms for Disqualification: All content that infringes on an existing copyright or privacy agreement, is advertorial in nature or relies on outdated data will not be considered and returned to the content provider.

Focus: The topic should be clearly identifiable. The content focus is on a specific topic correlating to one or more of the core competencies and how it relates to a specific aspect of the built environment.

Application to the Profession: The content provides the workplace professional with useful information that can be applied during daily work activities.

Professional Qualifications: The content providers’ background, experience and professional knowledge indicate that he or she is well qualified to deliver information on the subject matter as seen in the content.

Editorial style standards

Content should consider the facility management audience and offer a return on investment to the reader by providing valuable industry data, topical insights and/or practical takeaways. The Knowledge Library user base is international, so content should focus on globally applicable best practices and avoid a U.S.-centric perspective.

Content should maintain a third-person objective perspective. Avoid jargon, and do not describe hypothetical scenarios without providing context. When using acronyms, spell out the first use, followed by the acronym in parentheses.

Authors are responsible for the accuracy of endnotes, and all references and quotations must be checked against the original sources by the author before submission. Authors also are responsible for securing permission to use material quoted from copyrighted publications as well as tables and figures from other sources. By submitting content to the Knowledge Library, you verify that you have thoroughly fact checked the content, vouch for its accuracy and have the right to distribute the information contained therein.