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Knowledge Strategy

Editorial Calendar

Knowledge Library Monthly Publishing Themes

This calendar shows when competencies and topics will be promoted within the Knowledge Library.

January: Quality
February: Government Relations
March: Technology
April: Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability
May: Operations & Maintenance
June: Real Estate & Property Management
July: Finance & Business
August: Emergency Planning & Business Continuity
September: Human Factors
October: Leadership & Strategy
November: Project Management
December: Communication

Knowledge Library Call for Content Schedule

This calendar shows when the Knowledge Strategy team is openly accepting content corresponding to the following topics. We currently operate with a 3 month time frame for content processing and review (i.e. Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability submissions submitted in January are expected to be published and promoted in the month of April).

January: Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability
February: Operations & Maintenance
March: Real Estate & Property Management
April: Finance & Business
May: Emergency Planning & Business Continuity
June: Human Factors
July: Leadership & Strategy
August: Project Management
September: Communication
October: Quality
November: Government Relations
December: Technology