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Advocacy Day

Advocacy Day & Public Policy Forum 20​20

Dates: Sept. ​​15-16, 2020
Location: Hilton Arlington Virginia and Capitol Hill

​What is IFMA's Advocacy Day & Public Policy Forum​?

Now more than ever decisions made by our elected officials in Washington DC are having an impact on the FM Profession and the Built Environment. This FREE two-day annual event provides a unique opportunity to meet with your elected officials and make your voice heard. Get updates on FM related legislation, training on how to engage with elected officials and meet directly with your congressional representatives to share your passion and subject matter expertise on facility management issues.  Held in Washington, D.C., this FREE annual event open to U.S. residents.


Be FMTop 7 reasons to attend: 

  1. Get a behind the scenes tour of DC landmarks.
  2. Learn how Congress creates and implements the laws that affect your business and profession.
  3. Discuss legislation currently being considered by Congress that will directly impact FM.
  4. Participate in the legislative process – be part of the solution
  5. Meet with Members of Congress, key legislative staff and IFMA’s Government Affairs Team to connect FM realities with public policy priorities.
  6. Learn how to create and state and local government affairs programs for your chapter.
  7. Meet other chapter leaders and IFMA’s executive committee.  

Do you know who your ​congressional representatives are? Do they know who YOU are?

Do the ​people elected and appointed to serve you in federal, state and local government understand the critical role​ of facility management in creating a safer, healthier, more sustainable ​society? If not, it's your responsibility to ​help inform the decisions made at our nation's highest level. You can personally influence policy on issues ​such as:

Energy policy ● Sustainability ● Tax policy ● Disaster preparation and recovery ● Emergency response ● Work safety policy ● Facility management standardization ● Education and training ● Smart buildings ● Worker mobility

Find ​your ​representative »

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“Collectively, we can make a difference — a difference that will impact our careers, our companies and our country.” – Tom Meyers, Dyson Commercial

Interested or have questions? Contact:

Jeff Johnson, Executive Director, External Relations​  |  +1-202-746-4484