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Strategic Competencies


IFMA’s Certified Facility Manager® (CFM®) credential is globally recognized as the most reliable standard for distinguishing the achievements of facility management, reinforcing the association’s claim for facility management and strengthening the CFM’s position as the ultimate authority in facility management.

Chapters and Councils

IFMA’s chapters and councils offer members unique opportunities for networking and professional development and events that complement products and services offered by the association. Chapters and councils also develop a sense of loyalty and passion among members and leverage IFMA’s appeal as well as membership growth and retention.


IFMA’s professional development area provides a variety of content-based education to advance the knowledge of the facility management practitioner or professional. Courses also are provided in convenient formats including classroom (face-to-face), online and audio.

Event Management

IFMA can successfully develop, design, produce, market and manage, both strategically and logistically, multiple events of various sizes, educational nature and networking opportunities for both the association and other clients (related associations, etc.).

Governance Model

IFMA’s governance model is based on clearly defined leadership priorities, operational oversight policies and procedures, and appropriate cultural standards defined and directed by the board of directors and staff management team functioning in unison with one another.

Global Outreach

IFMA’s global outreach initiatives are designed to support the philosophies of the association while enhancing the growth of facility management around the world. This outreach is governed by a consistent assessment process by senior management which includes resource allocations, situational reviews, competitive advantages and cost-benefit analysis.

Leadership in Collaboration

IFMA has a proven ability to form collaborations and bring together numerous organizations to work together on unique or mutually beneficial projects.


IFMA unites the largest network in the world of facility professionals. IFMA’s 24,000 members represent a wide spectrum of disciplines and fields of facility management, as well as industries. Loyal and passionate, IFMA members provide the association with a pool of resources: volunteer leaders; industry experts; speakers; instructors and subject matter experts; customers and research partners.

Program Recognition

IFMA recognizes and offers rigorous accreditation for both degree-level and certificate programs in facility management at colleges and universities around the world, encouraging higher standards for both facility management education and facility management practices.


IFMA conducts workplace research that is high quality, current and relevant. Information collected is cited often in leading trade and business publications.

Resource Management

IFMA staff members are adept at stretching limited resources. IFMA also uses outsourcing effectively in the following areas: IT, mail-room operations, accounting, lobbying and strategic marketing.

Risk Reserve Analysis

In conjunction with the development of the fiscal-year budget, the management team at IFMA and its accounting firm assess the relative risk for each of the association’s revenue categories. The risk model details how management would react to unfavorable revenue variances through planned adjustments to related and unrelated expense items. It defines the level of short- and long-term reserves required in order to maintain operations in the case of an unexpected financial downturn. The model also is a tool for management to determine the effect on reserves that would result from a major expenditure for a business or project-development opportunity.


IFMA staff, a relatively small but highly skilled group, makes the accomplishment of association goals possible. Experts in their areas, they are extremely dedicated to the association and to performing/achieving beyond expectations.