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Current issue: ​Back to Basics

The May/June issue of FMJ focuses on some of the core competencies of FM: operations and maintenance, project management, finance and business, communication, and leadership and strategy. No matter what your depth of experience is, refreshing on the fundamentals (or on areas you don’t practice regularly) will help you keep your skills and competitive advantage sharp.

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  • Digging Out of Deferred Maintenance
  • Making Facility Flooring Work for You
  • Aerial Platforms: Putting Work Within Reach
  • From Maintenance Closet to Savings Vault: Strategic Sourcing for FM
  • Bridging the Gap Between FM and IT
  • Communicate to Connect: Getting the FM Message Across
  • How to Integrate Capital Planning and FM
  • The Right Fit: Selecting an FM Management System Standard
  • Are You Controlling Your Backlog or Is It Controlling You?
  • Flood Planning and Risk Mitigation
  • Proactive Pavement Management


  • Get to Know IFMA’s ​February 2016 Member of the Month
  • The Voice of the Tenant
  • Ask the Experts: Becoming a more proactive asset manager
  • Vendor Profiles

May/June 2016 issue of FMJ