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FMJ Archives: Past Issues

FMJ magazine has been published by IFMA since 1988, and digital archives of complete issues from 2012-2016 are available below. In addition, PDFs of individual articles from issues prior to 2012 are available for download on IFMA's Knowledge Library.

Current issue: Optimizing Operations

FMJ magazine: March-April 2017
It’s often said that improving building operations takes a ground-up approach. Enhancing performance at the individual, organization or industry level requires the same thoroughness to — hopefully — get processes right from the start.

It’s this attention to foundational concerns that inspired the March/April 2017 issue of FMJ. With articles spanning from design-stage FM considerations to total cost of ownership, this issue focuses on methods to position FM as a key decision-making role during design, construction and throughout the life cycle of the facility.

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