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IFMA Alliance Partner Facility Management Nederland merges with NFC Index

Jan. 04, 2018

The professional association for the facility sector in the Netherlands, Facility Management Nederland (FMN), merged with the Netherlands Facility Costs Index (NFC Index) on 1 January 2018.

After members of FMN made a positive decision about the merger proposal mid-November, the general members meeting of the NFC Index also voted in favor of the merger proposal on 23 November. The merger combines and strengthens the assets of both organizations. For both members and the market, there is one clear entrance to a broad facility network, knowledge and information.

NFC Index and FMN have been working together successfully since 2011 on various levels. Last summer, FMN and NFC Index — after the members gave permission earlier ​in 2017​ — examined various cooperation options. From this study, both boards concluded that a merger offered the best chances of a sustainable collaboration, the further development of independent benchmarking instruments and thus a clear value proposition for the current and future members of both associations.

The merger means that NFC Index will formally merge into FMN from the moment of merger. However, the name NFC Index remains connected to the benchmark and key performance activities offered within the merger association. In order to make the merger possible, the members of FMN have agreed to a change of the bylaws of the association. The members of NFC Index and FMN also agreed with the composition of the board of the merged association, whereby Natalie Hofman was appointed chairman.

FMN merges with NFC Index

Photo: Marco Okhuizen

About FMN
FMN is the professional association for the facility sector in the Netherlands. The members of FMN are active in various sectors and various facility branches. In the facility sector, almost 73 billion euros were converted in 2016 in the Netherlands including real estate *). Excluding real estate, the turnover amounted to more than 32 billion euros. That accounts for almost 5% of the gross domestic product. FMN is an alliance partner of the international organization for facility management, IFMA. For more information, visit

About NFC Index
The Netherlands Facility Costs Index (NFC Index) is an independent association that provides the Dutch market annually with an objective and up-to-date benchmark of facility costs. NFC Index collects the facility costs per m2 per year in office environments and per student and m2 gross floor area in education. The annual NFC Indices are the references for the cost development of facility services for office organizations and education. The indices provide relevant management information for opportunities in the area of cost efficiency. In addition to this main objective, the NFC Index aims to use standards and promote knowledge exchange around facility management. For more information, visit