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The September/October FMJ Is Now Available Online

Sept. 17, 2013
A rapid tide of technological advancements and a move toward the cloud has enabled a workforce that is no longer anchored by time or place. This issue of FMJ demonstrates how facility managers are ideally placed to help organizations do more with less and realize significant cost savings. Articles on leveraging data, industry trends and thought leadership will keep you on the cutting edge of the shifting workspace.


The Next Frontier for Bottom-line Cost Cutting

Reports consistently show that the workforce is becoming increasingly mobile and that an adjustable work initiative is essential for any forward-thinking company. For facility managers and corporate real estate executives, this evolution in the workforce is causing many to rethink their current approach to the workspace and how this can translate into real cost savings. Full article »

Serious Play: Computer game facilitates FM learning

Today, traditional forms of teaching are being enriched by e-learning components. As new ways of learning have emerged, FM education programs have begun to incorporate games as teaching tools. However, there has not been an approach that integrates realistic FM scenarios with three-dimensional visual components into a true computer game — until now. Full article »

Building Collaboration into Workspace Design
An office is an external expression of a company’s ethos and personality. Employees, customers and prospects draw significant — even subliminal — associations with organizations based on the place they call home. Collaboration, creativity and innovation are key components of the modern workplace and an increasingly important recruitment tool for successful companies to attract top-tier talent. Full article » 


Developing a 21st-Century Facility Management Plan for the City of Buffalo

Strong urban futures rarely just develop on their own. Civic and political leaders need to embrace a clear vision for the future direction of their cities and a data-driven plan for how to navigate that path. This case study on Buffalo, N.Y., USA outlines how the city developed a facility management plan to create the strongest possible future for its citizens and maximize resources. Full article »

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