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Update on IFMA Logo/Branding Project

Jan. 23, 2013

The development of a new IFMA logo has been building for some time now. We are currently completing our marketing research phases of the IFMA Logo/Branding Project and moving into the creative and design concept work. Before that step, we need to here from you. Our IFMA brand survery is currently underway to obtain your feedback on the brand, our logo and future direction.

By gathering your thoughts and opinions on all matters related to the organization, we can make intelligent decisions based on solid research regarding the brand, logo, colors and taglines. The many hundreds of people who have taken part in the research are truly going to lay the foundation for the success of this project.

The next step is producing a creative brief, developing a brand position and moving into concept developments. We will then build out concepts, validate with more research, think about our brand architecture and move on.

To learn more information, please contact IFMA Director of Marketing, Stewart Dallas at +1-281-974-5671 or