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Global Reach: Overview

Corporate Sustaining Partners connect around the globe!

IFMA supports more than 23,000 members in more than 78 countries and a variety of specialized areas within the facility management profession. IFMA represents the profession on an international level, helping practitioners worldwide improve practices and compare standards.

The IFMA network is multinational and multi-organizational. The association reaches across aisles, industries and waters in an effort to enhance the growth of facility management around the world. IFMA’s reputation as an influential leader for the profession allows the association to partner with other highly regarded associations, publications, educators and government agencies. Through these strategic partnerships, IFMA fosters a collaborative dialogue among organizations and individuals whose focus revolves around the built environment.

With the support of our strategic and corporate partners, IFMA has the ability to provide the FM community with more high-level learning opportunities, elevate the FM profession worldwide and stimulate awareness of FM issues among the entire business community.

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For more information and to apply today as a Corporate Sustaining Partner, please contact a member of IFMA’s Corporate Connections team at or call April Tone directly at +1-281-617-1338.

Global Recognition for FM Professionals

IFMA’s Certified Facility Manager® credential sets the industry standard for ensuring knowledge and abilities of practicing facility managers. The CFM® program was the first in facility management and remains the only globally recognized certification for FM practitioners.

Currently, five different CFM exams are available: United States, Canada, European Business English, Dutch and German, with localizations for other countries under way. Each country that chooses to localize the exam must maintain a certain percentage of global questions on their exam; however, they may also include a number of regional/local questions, allowing facility managers to practice in their own countries and have the skills and knowledge to practice globally.

Global Strategic Partnerships

Partners in FM Excellence | Global FM | |

The International Facility Management Association, the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) and the Facility Management Association of Australia (FMA) founded Global FM, a worldwide alliance of member-centered facility management organizations that provide leadership in the advancement of the facility management profession.

Global FM promotes the facility management profession globally, shares knowledge, and establishes standards and best practices guidelines for facility management as a professional business sector. The agreement is structured to provide an enhanced membership experience, educational opportunities, and the promotion of sound administrative, operational and financial best practices for more than 28,000 members represented by the three associations. An International FM Panel is also being organized to review and report on the status of facility management around the world, to identify key issues that need to be addressed on an international basis and to develop action plans to deal with these issues.

Of particular significance is a provision in the agreement which calls for the members of each organization to have electronic access to the members-only section of each of the other association’s websites.

European Facility Management Network (EuroFM) |

The European Facility Management Network (EuroFM) and the International Facility Management Association established a partnership agreement to present annual facility management conferences in Europe.

EuroFM is a network of more than 60 organizations focused on facility management. They are based in more than 15 European countries and represent professional (national) associations, education and research institutes. EuroFM's mission is the advancement of knowledge in facility management in Europe and its application in practice, education and research.

People’s Republic of China

The International Facility Management Association received formal recognition from the Occupational Skills Testing Authority of the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, People’s Republic of China (PRC), to provide facility management education in China. OSTA awarded IFMA the certifying document bearing the PRC’s official seal, a prerequisite for providing certifiable education. The OSTA document also signifies that the Chinese government recognizes facility management as a distinct discipline and career pursuit.

Yingbiao Human Resources Ltd., a company recognized by OSTA, is IFMA’s contract bureau and education partner in the PRC. IFMA and Yingbiao signed a partnering agreement in Beijing in July 2006.

Initially IFMA and Yingbiao will provide a series of courses in China based on the nine core facility management competencies. All facility management competency courses and supporting materials have been translated from English into Chinese and adapted and customized to fit Chinese culture and business practices.

Among other China-related responsibilities outlined in the IFMA-Yingbiao agreement, Yingbiao will administer IFMA’s CFM and Facility Management Professional (FMP®) credentials; recruit individual and corporate members for IFMA; promote the importance of facility management education and its contributions to performance; and help safeguard IFMA’s intellectual property.

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For more information and to apply today as a Corporate Sustaining Partner, please contact a member of IFMA’s Corporate Connections team at or call April Tone directly at +1-281-617-1338.