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1502 Black Mountain Rd
Hillsborough, CA 94010

Qopper was founded on the belief that operating a network of devices and associated applications and services should not be hard. Embedded applications and Distributed systems have been around for decades, but the scale and complexity at which devices are being deployed and physical locations are being transformed is unprecedented. More importantly, the pace is accelerating. 

The Qopper platform was designed specifically with the intent of tackling these challenges to help improve overall operational efficiency for the operators and product performance for the vendors. The Qopper application enables facility managers and their vendor partners to have full visibility into all of the information that they need to trouble shoot an incident, makes it easy to create playbooks that standardize and speed up the asset troubleshooting process, makes it easy to manage the quality and performance of your hardware vendors, and makes it easy to collaborate with all key stakeholders, accelerating the incident resolution process.

In a world that is becoming increasingly connected and interdependent, our mission is to enable smarter products and healthier locations.