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Nemetschek Group
1875 Connecticut Ave NW
10th FL
Washington, DC 20009

The Nemetschek Group is driving the digitalization of the building industry.

With our software, architects, engineers, construction companies, and facility managers can plan ahead, seamlessly share information and work together more closely. Building and infrastructure projects can be conducted more efficiently and sustainably. The unique holding structure provides our 15 strong brands with the flexibility to innovate in an entrepreneurial way while closely engaging with their 2.7 million customers worldwide.


One of the strong brands of the Nemetschek Group, Crem Solutions, is a leading German provider of software solutions for commercial and technical real estate management. The company develops powerful software for the real estate industry. The core product, iX-Haus, offers flexible and efficient tools for managing real estate and covers the entire spectrum of modern commercial real estate management. Currently, Crem Solutions products are in operational use at companies in all areas of commercial management of real estate. Crem Solutions products are used by: smaller administrators to broadly established property and asset managers, housing companies and cooperatives to renowned capital and investment companies, as well as globally operating real estate companies. The solution, iX-Haus, is specifically designed for the management of complex corporate real estate portfolios. This innovative system supports all relevant processes of corporate real estate management; the analysis of tenancy agreements, benchmarks of operational costs as well as the identification of possible savings.


Another Nemetschek Group brand, dRofus, is strongly involved in facility management and all project stages. dRofus is a leading planning and data management solution for the global building industry, was established in 2011 with fully owned subsidiaries in the U.S., Australia and Sweden. The BIM collaboration tool dRofus provides all stakeholders with extensive workflow support and access to building information throughout the building lifecycle. Unlike any other planning tool in the market, dRofus was designed directly on behalf of public building owners. Capturing client requirements and management of public standards across projects and equipment planning are central features in the software. The cloud-based solution helps customers to effortlessly manage everything from project standards to room data sheets to punch lists. 

Founded by Professor Georg Nemetschek in 1963, the Nemetschek Group today employs more than 2,100 experts worldwide, 30 percent are based in the U.S.