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160 Gilbert St.
San Francisco, California 94103
Phone: 888-788-2547

Everyone deserves to be safe.

Bannerman Security helps property, office, commercial, and other facility managers to keep their people and properties safe and secure. The company was founded in 2013 and has already grown to among the top firms in the nation, serving thousands of properties, high-end residential complexes, retail and office spaces, and manufacturing, shipping and fulfillment facilities across several metro US regions.

Bannerman is a new kind of physical security company, combining experienced security professionals with proprietary software that helps guards and clients more easily and efficiently communicate, track, and report on their operations.

Bannerman guards are highly experienced in a variety of environments, from concierge service within luxury residential units to protecting vast manufacturing and distribution facilities. We source the top 5% of guard candidates, and the result is a guard force with an average of more than five years experience (including ex-military and law enforcement), with current guard licenses, and who have successfully passed all DOJ and FBI background checks. Also note, after you’ve signed up, your preferred guards will be dedicated to your sites, because we understand the importance of this relationship. We may also be able to bring any of your existing guards from other services into our system, so they can continue working with you.