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Benchmarks Exchange: BEX

BEX is open.

Still your key source for reliable FM data, BEX now offers a simple data collection tool with robust data report features. 

IFMA’s online benchmarking portal allows facility professionals to compare building data anytime—anywhere! With the ability to filter information by industry, facility type and geographic region, you can access reports that target metrics unique to your facility.

Sign in today to begin entering your data:

  • with your IFMA username and password.
  • Create your portfolio—use the “Quick Start” to guide you.
  • Start entering your facility data!

Begin entering your data:

Enhanced features include:

•Create a portfolio and enter your facility description ONLY ONCE.

•Complete your data entry at a time that is CONVENIENT for you.

•Save your facility data to compare with a RANGE of facilities.

•Save and EXPORT queries to aid in your reporting efforts.

•Conduct your benchmarking ANNUALLY.


Want to know more about the benefits of BEX? Download a recording of our informational BEX webinar!