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Chapter Renewal ​Reminder

Tips for Using the Chapter Renewal Letter
The Chapter Renewal Letter invites current chapter members to renew their chapter membership.

  • The best time to send this letter to current chapter members is two months before their membership expires. IFMA headquarters sends out a Renewal Reminder for members one month before a membership expires. Sending this letter two months before the member expires will add a personal touch from their chapter and will remind members of the value provided by the chapter.
  • For example: ​Members with a Paid Through Date of 12/31/2015 would be receiving this email in the 1st or 2nd week of October 2015).
  • Chapter administrators and leaders with report access can run reports within the members-only area of to easily identify renewing members. Run the “Members To Expire (31-60 days)” and filter the member Paid Through Date to send this email to members only expiring in 2 months.
  • Personalize this letter with a positive quote from a chapter member. Insert a quote about the benefit(s) of chapter membership where indicated on the template. Be sure to fill in any of the appropriate information marked in red to customize this email to your chapter.
  • Personalize this letter with information about specific chapter benefits. What return on investment are you providing to members who participate in local chapter education and events? Remind your members why chapter membership is indispensable!
  • Helpful Tip: Send this email earlier in the day to allow for sufficient time to respond to any member inquiries.