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Chapter Prospective Professional Member Email

Tips for ​using the ​chapter ​prospective ​professional ​member email
This template is an invitation to chapter membership that can be emailed.

  • Run a report of ​potential members from the IFMA database. Your chapter administrator or designee can access a list of potential members’ email addresses (and other contact information) from the IFMA database within the members-only area of Potential members can be pulled by membership category. Contact your chapter liaison for more information. (You may wish to delete older records.)
  • Personalize this email. Insert appropriate information about your chapter where indicated between these marks < >. You might also consider including a telephone number in case the prospective member would like to speak with a chapter representative, rather than correspond via email.
  • Use this email as a follow-up to the ​chapter ​prospective ​professional ​member ​letter (see link to template above). Send this email to prospective professional members you call to follow up two weeks after sending the letter if you have to leave a voicemail message. You may want to personalize the email with a phrase such as, “I’m sorry I missed you earlier today; however, I just wanted to remind you of some of the great benefits available to you through IFMA and the <​insert ​chapter name> Chapter.”
  • If you have bad email addresses in your prospective member list, consider calling the potential member. You can also perform a quick search using an online search engine to try to find correct email addresses or phone numbers.