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Member Benefit of the Month: How to Escape Change Order Chaos

  • Dates: 26 – 26 Jul, 2016

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Webinar Details:

Date: ​Tuesday, Jul 26, 2016
Time:  11:00am-12:00pm CDT

Learning Objectives:

What is Audiovisual (AV) technology? Why is AV important to an organization? Why do some organizations spend millions of dollars on AV infrastructure? Most people have a difficult time answering these questions. Unfortunately, most organizations approach AV without truly understanding the technology or value before defining the project and writing the RFP. To ensure that the AV solution is the best one, several factors must be considered: the technology, the organizational ownership, the business process, and the AV provider.

1. Understand AV’s role in an organization

2. Learn why a quality RFP package is essential to project success

3. Determine how to select a qualified AV provider

4. Review examples of poor-quality RFP requirements and cost impacts

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Presenters: Ashley Brown

 Ashley Brown Pic