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Member Benefit of the Month: The Sustainability How-to Guide Series Waste Stream Management

  • Dates: 22 – 22 Jun, 2016

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Webinar Details:

Date: ​Wednesday, ​June 22, 2016
Time:  12:00pm-12:30pm CDT

Learning Objectives:

The Waste Stream Management Guide was recently updated, with new information on developing waste management plans and reorganized for easier reading. The webinar will highlight waste management concepts, strategies for managing your site’s waste streams, and how to develop your own waste management plan.

The Waste Stream Management guide presents a multi-faceted approach to waste stream management, addressing the strategies of reduction, reuse, recycling, recovery, and disposal. Sustainable facility management practices necessitate a holistic approach and the assessment of products and processes throughout their life cycle. This guide addresses the concepts of a zero waste facility, along with environmentally preferred purchasing and building a waste management plan. From performing a waste audit, to the designing and implementing a recycling program and how to engage your occupants in new behavior, the Waste Stream Management guide covers a facility manager’s domain when it comes to waste.

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Presenters: Sharon Jaye and Bill Conley

Bill Conley (80x100)

 Sharon Jaye