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Advocacy Day & Public Policy Forum

  • Dates: 09 – 10 Sep, 2015
  • Location: Washington, D.C., USA

Accept the challenge: Be a voice for FM!


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Engage with members of the U.S. Congress — make your voice heard on behalf of FM.

Join agency, congressional and industry leaders to address issues of importance to the FM profession.

If you have an interest in influencing legislation that impacts your profession, use this opportunity to experience the legislative process first-hand. Make sure your elected officials are working for you.

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Advocacy Day supporters
Show your support of the purpose behind the event

Held September 9-10 in Washington, D.C., IFMA’s Advocacy Day & Public Policy Forum educates our members on the legislative process and encourages their participation as spokespersons for the facility management profession. It’s a remarkable opportunity for the IFMA community to influence federal and municipal policies impacting the profession.

As an Advocacy Day supporter, you help ensure that FM’s interests are being represented on Capitol Hill — that level of support makes a statement.

Much more than a sponsorship of an activity, service or amenity, Advocacy Day Supporters champion the aims and outcomes of the event. Neither the event nor your contribution is tied to a political party. Attendees are there to engage members of the U.S. Congress, both Democrat and Republican, in conversations about FM — sharing how their work impacts the state or district.

At any level of support, you are directly associated with the continued advancement of the FM profession.

Many attendees share what they learn with fellow chapter and council members, their teams and employers. IFMA does not charge a registration fee for attendance, which makes your contribution to their experience even more significant.

Supporter levels range from US$2,000 to US$500. All levels receive these benefits:

  • Recognition of support on IFMA’s website;
  • Post attendee list (no emails);
  • Digital copy of the group photo taken at the Public Policy Forum on September 10.

To see what the higher level benefits include, click here to view the agreement form.

Additional benefit: For all supporters committing to US$1,000 and above, your exposure will carry over to Denver, Colorado for IFMA’s World Workplace 2015 Conference & Expo.

You will be recognized as an Advocacy Day Supporter on Thursday, Oct. 8, at World Workplace during an educational session on effective communication. Part of advocacy is the ability to share information in a clear, compelling and convincing way. Your support of the power of communication will be highlighted in this session.

Contact April Tone, Corporate Programs Sales Specialist, at or +1-281-617-1338.

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