About IFMA

Strategic Plan

IFMA's Vision, Mission, Purpose and Strategic Plan


Serve as the resource and representative for facility management.


Advance the facility management profession.


IFMA is a member-centric association that exists to guide and develop facility management professionals by providing exceptional services, products, resources and opportunities.  In support of its members, IFMA promotes the facility management profession through education, credentialing, government relations, leadership opportunities, publishing, recognizing excellence, research and standards development.


The strategic plan was developed to provide both IFMA volunteers and staff a clear and common direction as they pursued endeavors to benefit the association, its members and the profession as a whole. When IFMA first began work on the strategic plan, it took a broad look at the needs of the profession and discussed what the association could do in a more far-reaching way to accommodate those needs.

IFMA made a commitment—not only to its members, but to the entire facility management community—to support, represent and advance facility management.  As the process is revisited each year, it becomes more refined, targeted and focused on the goals and objectives IFMA has pledged to carry out for the benefit of its members.

Every initiative IFMA undertakes—from promoting the association to providing educational, networking and informational resources to membership—is directly related to the goals and objectives outlines in the strategic plan. As the board identifies changes and trends impacting the profession, IFMA staff responds by developing resources that enhance the value of the association to all segments of the facility management community.