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IFMA Alliance Partners

The IFMA Alliance is a partnership representing the pinnacle of the association's organizational relationships and denoting the closest ties between IFMA and other professional groups.

The individual members determine what information they wish to share with, or receive from, IFMA, and IFMA Alliance member organizations retain their own identity, culture and business practices.
IFMA Alliance Partners include:


Partners in FM Excellence

IFMA's Partners in FM Excellence program is based on international memoranda of understanding (IMOU) between IFMA and other facility-related organizations. However, this relationship goes a step beyond our standard IMOU:

  • In addition to knowledge sharing, the IMOU promote the establishment of global standards and best practice guidelines.
  • Partners in FM Excellence individual members gain access to the members-only sections of the other partner websites and pay member prices for products and services.
  • Partners in FM Excellence individual members are not considered members of IFMA or the other organizations.
IFMA Partners in FM Excellence include:


Memoranda of Understanding

IFMA has memoranda of understanding with associations, networks and government entities to facilitate exchanging information, advancing the facility management profession and sharing educational initiatives. These are bilateral agreements between IFMA and the other organizations.

IFMA has memoranda of understanding with: