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IFMA Logo / Branding Project

The development of a new IFMA logo has been building for some time now. IFMA is now working with Neiger Design, who are providing us with the precision and expertise that will lead IFMA to a new logo and refreshed brand for IFMA.

The current IFMA logo has been around for so long—almost 30 years—that we certainly want to treat it with the respect it deserves, but at the same time there is a realization that it’s time for a makeover.

Current IFMA logo to be re-branded


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Request for Proposals Document
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NEW IFMA Logo is Here!

The project has many phases, including:

  • Information gathering and project planning.
  • Market research.
  • Creative brief, brand positioning and concept work.
  • Brand architecture.
  • Development and refinement of the “Family Look” –our components, councils, chapters, Alliance, etc.
  • Brand Usage Guide – how we use the new look and when.
  • Brand Book – a document that will help us all be brand champions moving forward.

We are currently completing our marketing research phases and moving into the creative and design concept work.

Below are some of the elements our research has included:

Staff Intake Sessions

We conducted four detailed sessions at our offices in Houston, Texas.  In an enlightening exercise, staff members were asked to call out adjectives that described the IFMA brand. The answers ranged from professional, recognized and traditional, to more forward-thinking concepts, such as sustainable and timeless. We discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the current logo; as well as the single most important message that the staff felt the IFMA brand should relate. 

World Workplace Focus Groups

We conducted sessions at World Workplace in San Antonio, Texas, gathering feedback from participants on a variety of topics, including: what color IFMA best represents, what car we might be, the best (and worst!) things about IFMA, what real or fictional characters represent IFMA, how people benefit from IFMA, and what IFMA could do more of in the future.

Telephone Interviews

We are conducting many one-hour discussions with IFMA stakeholders, including chapter leaders, council members, board members, professional and Associate members, and others.  The insights into what people think and want to see from IFMA moving forward are incredibly beneficial to this project.

Quantitative Research Survey

A survey was sent to obtain feedback on the brand, our logo and future direction.

All of this research is providing the IFMA project team with an extraordinary understanding of what our members and nonmembers think about the current state of the association, and our plans for the future. 

By gathering your thoughts and opinions on all matters related to the organization, we can make intelligent decisions based on solid research regarding the brand, logo, colors and taglines. The many hundreds of people who have taken part in the research are truly going to lay the foundation for the success of this project.

The next step is producing a creative brief, developing a brand position and moving into concept developments.  We will then build out concepts, validate with more research, think about our brand architecture and move on.

The importance of the broad IFMA community in this process is vital for our success.  We know that councils and chapters have their own identity—in many cases THE identity for IFMA members—and we want to help preserve and enhance that uniqueness moving forward.

To learn more information, please contact IFMA Director of Marketing, Stewart Dallas at p: +1-281-974-5671 or