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Open Letter to IFMA Members

An open letter to members regarding the IFMA headquarters relocation project.

Dear Members:

Our association headquarters at 1 East Greenway Plaza in Houston, Texas, has served us well over the years as the nexus for our international operations. Staff, members, volunteers, corporate sustaining partners, dignitaries, guests and friends have worked collaboratively at this location to advance the FM profession. However, the lease on our current space will expire on Dec. 31, 2012, and IFMA will begin to embark on a journey to develop a new workplace and headquarters location. This lease expiration presents a unique opportunity to begin the strategic planning process with a clean slate and develop a workplace strategy that supports the way our people work today while integrating the agility necessary to support how they will choose to work in the future.   

In order to keep all members virtually connected to this project, we are pleased to announce the launch of the IFMA HQ Workplace Project website, which will enable you to obtain timely and relevant information on the association’s relocation effort. Updates will range from what the board of directors and HQ steering committee are doing, to how this is being accomplished and where we are in the process. Our goal is for every member to have the opportunity to virtually participate with us every step of the way!

As each IFMA member’s engagement and visibility into this undertaking is important to the board of directors and staff, the website will also be used to provide notice of solicitation for services and answers to frequently asked questions, and be a one stop shop for member inquiries. Additionally, we will openly solicit and engage qualified professional service-providers in accordance with IFMA’s procurement policy.

The first step in this project is to engage a workplace strategy and change management firm. The request for proposals for this effort will be released on July 8, 2011. Once engaged and in partnership with the HQ steering committee and project team, the firm will work to develop and deliver IFMA’s strategy for the new workplace.

IFMA plans to start this effort with a clean slate. Some of the goals and commitments for our new workplace and headquarters include:

  • Providing an open and transparent process,
  • Not being limited by any existing space or location,
  • Breaking the link between space and status,
  • Being at least 25 percent more efficient than the current IFMA HQ workplace,
  • Aligning with our strategy map to ensure long-term stakeholder value,
  • Developing a strategy to guide decision making that aligns with the core themes of sustainability, operational excellence, global influence and community along each perspective of the balanced scorecard, and
  • Providing a more effective and satisfying work experience.

We look forward to addressing the challenges ahead and hope to see you at our new IFMA HQ Workplace Project website.  


Tony Keane, CAE
President & CEO, IFMA

Kathy Roper, CFM, CFMJ, LEED AP, IFMA Fellow
Chair, IFMA Board of Directors